jueves, 29 de junio de 2017

Albania: New law provides amnesty for certain tax liabilities

A law approved by the Albanian parliament on 30 March 2017 and that applies as from 6 May 2017 provides that certain unpaid tax liabilities and customs duties, as well as certain penalties and interest, may be cancelled if certain conditions are fulfilled. The relief depends on the type of liability and the period to which it relates. The amnesty is available to legal entities and individuals for the period from 6 May 2017 through 31 December 2017, and applies to both national and local taxes (with certain exceptions).
There are two main conditions to benefit from the new law:

  • The taxpayer must withdraw from any ongoing administrative appeal or court proceedings related to the tax liabilities, penalties and interest that it wishes to have cancelled; and
  • The VAT credit balance available to the taxpayer, if any, must be automatically used to offset its unpaid tax liabilities (except for social and health contribution liabilities), for the related penalties and interest, as well as any portion of the tax liabilities not offset, to be cancelled based on the law.
If these conditions are fulfilled, certain tax liabilities relating to pre-2011 tax periods will automatically be cancelled.
For other types of liabilities, the procedure to claim the benefits of the amnesty will be clarified by implementation rules to be issued by the Minister of Finance (expected by 21 May 2017).
Tax liabilities, penalties and interest previously assessed by the tax administration that may be cancelled based on the new law may be divided into the categories described below. In addition, customs duties, penalties and interest assessed by the customs administration may be cancelled based on the new law.

Source & more info: Deloitte

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