miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

US Treasury to review debt reclassification, international, partnership regulations

The US Treasury Department has identified eight regulations that it states will be modified or repealed to implement an Executive Order (EO) issued by President Trump that calls for reducing tax regulatory burdens. The April 21, 2017 EO had set a 60-day deadline for Treasury to issue an interim report on regulations deemed to (1) impose an undue financial burden; (2) add undue complexity; or (3) exceed the statutory authority of the IRS.

Treasury stated that it will propose reforms ranging from streamlining problematic provisions to fully repealing the regulations. Comments are requested by August 7 on whether and how the identified regulations should be rescinded or modified. A final Treasury report recommending specific actions to mitigate the regulatory burden is due September 18.

Source & more info: PwC

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