Friday, 16 November 2012

OECD project on intangibles: Reflections on the Public Consultation (12-14 November 2012) on Discussion Draft of Chapter VI of the OECD Guidelines (the Intangibles Draft)

More than 120 business commentators convened in Paris for the long-awaited 2.5 day Public Consultation with Working Party 6 (WP6) delegates and the OECD secretariat. These represented at least 70 firms (including corporations, consulting firms, law firms and industry organisations) The Discussion Draft topics discussed are (i) the Intangibles Draft (ii) Safe Harbours; and (iii) Timing Issues (please click on the links for the OECD discussion drafts, please also refer to our previous PKN providing a summary of the Intangibles Draft). PwC is grateful to have been invited as an attendee further to the response submitted on behalf of PwC's global transfer pricing network.
This is the OECD's 4th Public Consultation on the Intangibles Draft since the project kicked-off in 2010.
Source and more info: PKN