Monday, 18 May 2015

Goods and Services Taxation in India: A New Beginning

Publicado el 14 may. 2015
The introduction of Goods and Services Taxation (GST) in India has seen numerous delays caused by many factors, such as concerns over the loss of fiscal autonomy enjoyed thus far and issues surrounding which taxes to subsume and which goods to exclude from GST. The new Government has, however, shown serious intent of pushing forward with this important tax reform. The Loksabha (lower house of the Parliament) has passed the Constitution amendment bill with an overwhelming majority on 6 May. As the origin-based Value Added Tax (VAT) system gives way to consumption-based tax systems in the proposed GST in India, all stakeholders will need to gear up to meet the challenges. Gain valuable insights from practical experiences and discover the developments in the exciting journey of this radical reform in India.
(Live presentation was aired on 14 May 2015)