Monday, 1 June 2015

Business Model Optimization (BMO): Opportunities Following a Merger and Acquisition

The best possible merger not only depends on identifying the right target company, but also on successful integration of the two businesses after the deal closes. Often, synergies and efficiencies gained by integrating the two business models drive a significant amount of ongoing value generated by the deal. While operational efficiencies and cost reductions are typically the main focus of business model integration efforts, taxes should also be a key component of integration activities and will invariably contribute to, or detract from, the benefits promised to shareholders and analysts. It is therefore critical that both direct and indirect tax impacts be fully considered and planned as part of the post-merger operation model integration. What are the BMO considerations and opportunities generated by M&A transactions? Gain new perspectives on factors that should be considered based on our practical experience from assisting clients with integrating acquired operations. (Live presentation was aired on 28 May 2015)